Mundane horrors will not affect sanity the way the book describes. What does and does not require a sanity roll will be determined by the situation, taking into account all the appropriate factors.

Healing sanity with the Heal skill will work as in the book.

Healing sanity with magic, however, has been altered thusly: When a character takes sanity damage from any source it is considered “temporary” damage. Each period of rest that passes (this may be once per day or it may not) will convert 1 point of temporary damage into permanent damage. If the Character has over 4 points this doubles. If the character has over 9 points this doubles again.

1-4 = 1
5-9 = 2
10-14 = 4
15-19 = 8

Temporary damage, unlike permanent damage, may be healed through magical means.

Restoration spells remove 1, 4and 7 point of temporary damage.
A Heal spell will remove 6 points.
Mass Heal will remove 6 points from everyone in the area of Effect.


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