Divine Casters

Divine Casters shall be altered thusly:

Upon selection of a God from the Gods list, which is drawn from the Olympian Pantheon, a cleric will select four Domains instead of the standard two. The cleric shall consider these spells to be in her known spell list, as is standard. In addition, the cleric will also have have access to the Universal Cleric Spells list.

The Cleric will also have access to all four granted Domain powers, as well.

The Cleric will receive Latin as a free bonus language upon creation. Characters multiclassing into Cleric will need to learn this language as normal, though it will not count against their total bonus languages as determined by their intelligence score.

The Cleric class weapon proficiency will be changed to wizard proficiency instead of simple, but they will gain proficiency with their deity’s favored weapon.

Favored Souls:

Much like Clerics, the Favored Souls will be able to access the universal spell list. They will also then select four Domains. They will then select their Spells Known from the list of universal spells and domain spells available to them. Favored Souls will not have access to Domain powers.

Favored Souls will also be granted Power Critical with their deity‚Äôs chosen weapon at 8th level, Greater Weapon Focus with their deity’s favored weapon at 11th level, and Greater Weapon Specialization with the Deity’s favored weapon at 16th level.


Clerics and Favored Souls begin play knowing all Orisons and will receive bonus Orison slots equal to 3+ their applicable stat modifier (wisdom for clerics and charisma for Favored Souls). Druids do not gain this benefit.


Druids are protectors of nature. They may or may not worship a specific deity. If they choose to, then common choices are Artemis, Demeter, Pan or Poseidon, though they need not adhere to the alignment restrictions to any god they worship. The druid’s primary concern is worship of nature, and nature is (almost) always True Neutral. Further explanation available upon request.


Paladins may be of ANY lawful alignment. Lawful good, Lawful Neutral, Lawful Evil.

The Lawful Evil paladin will use the Paladin of Tyrrany variant rules found in the Unearthed Arcana sourcebook on page 53. These rules can also be found here.

Paladins of Lawful Neutral alignment select the class features, abilities and spells from either the Evil or Good paladin upon creation. Once made this decision can not be reversed, and the worshiped Deity should be taken strongly into consideration.


Priests are alternate classes of clerics. They are identical to clerics except for the following differences:

Hit Dice: d6
BAB: Priests use the Poor progression for BAB.
Proficiency: As cleric except they do not gain armor or shield proficiency.
Skills: Priests get 6 skill points per level and gain a +2 competence bonus on all knowledge skills in which they have at least one rank. Add Decipher Script, Gather Information and Sense Motive to the cleric skill list.
Domains: A priest may choose four domains. If the priest multiclasses into cleric then those domains can not change. Level of Priest and levels of Cleric stack to determine level based domain powers.
Special: Priests get the Lay on Hands ability. This ability functions as the Paladin ability of the same name. Evil priests and some neutral priests channel negative energy. Levels of Priest and Paladin stack to determine this ability.

As with clerics, Priests receive training in Latin for free. This does not count against the number of languages a priest may learn as determined by their intelligence modifier.

Divine Casters

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