Character Creation

Character Creation:

All materials from the PHB, PHB2 and Complete Adventurer/Arcane/Champion/Divine/Mage/Scoundrel/Warrior and Deities and Demigods will be available for use in character creation. As the game progresses, feats, spells and PrCs from additional resources may become available.

The system will be using a 30 point buy for ability scores. (scores start at 8)

We will be using the Pathfinders systems for “Class Skills”, where a character will receive a +3 bonus on all class skills in which they take a point, and other skills may be purchased at 1:1. In addition to this, Hide and Move Silently will be combined into Stealth, and Spot and Listen will be combined to make Perception (this will include using other senses, such as smell). Search will still be an individual skill. There will also be a skill called “Elder Lore.” This skill is tied to Intelligence and can be trained independently of the normal skill point system at a price. See Sanity below.

The Favored Class system from Pathfinder will also be utilized, where a player picks a favored class and then a benefit on each level taken of that favored class, generally choosing either +1 skill point or +1 hit point. This choice is made at creation.

Any of the core races will be accepted, however in Lovecraft’s writings these simply do not exist, so your character will simply appear much more human than they normally would and display only very slight racial features (as if they had something along the lines of a dwarven great grandparent). The full mechanical changes for the selected race will still be in effect.

Sanity – This setting will be utilizing the Sanity system from the Unearth Arcana (taken from CoC game). Your starting sanity is Wisdom Score x 5.

Divine Casters have further rule changes in place.

Useful information when creating a Backstory can be found here.

Character Creation

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