Those so foolhardy as to not simply dodge the attention of forces which they know not beware; the ardor of freedom is fleeting, and the faces of death are legion.

The Dreamlands meets DnD functionality and lore. This setting will focus on the fleshing out of Lovecraft’s vision with painstaking attention to detail, and then augmenting that with carefully selected material from other sources, primarily 3.5 lore.

In this setting I strive to recreate and lay forth H.P. Lovecraft’s vision. The Dreamlands, as described in stories such as The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath, The White Ship and Celephais, is not the familiar Arkham setting with which many may be familiar from reading much of Lovecraft’s work. This setting is more reminiscent of standard Fantasy fare in the level of technology and the overall atmosphere.

Will our adventurers fall in with the ancient churches of the Elder Ones, performing secret rituals to curry the favor of the gods? Will they be content to be mere laymen, becoming grave robbers in the the far flung Nameless City? Will they defy all good, wholesome advice and seek out the secrets of the spheres, calling upon nameless gods with nameless rights, and pay unspeakable tribute to their messenger in exchange for divine grace? Or will they be content as dock workers in Dylath-Leen, where the Black Ship dock to sell their unearthly rubies, happy enough to merely fill their bellies with food and ale and their ears with story and song.

The paths can lead to many strange place if one is willing to put one foot in front of the other and not mind the eyes in the dark…

The game will use a very slightly modified version of the 3.5 rules. These differences will be detailed in Character Creation and House Rules sections of the wiki section.

This game will use d20 pro and Ventrilo. I have licenses to cover everyone in d20 pro.

Useful info:
Character Creation
House Rules

The Dreamlands: Beauty and Horror

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